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Welcome to the home page of the Aliens111 Award of excellence. My name is Bobby, and I have been making Web pages for over 6 years now. I don't consider myself to be an amazing Web site designer, nor do I consider most of my own sites "Award Winners," but I do know what I like.
The award I give is to honor Web sites that I like. What do I like? I like sites that are both visually appealing, and informative. The design of a site is very important, but the content is even more so.
I will not award sites that do not meet these two very important requirements. But in order to be a "Aliens111 Award" site, a Web site must surpass these two prerequisites. The site must be unique, or in some way, stand out above the rest.

Award #1 230x100 Award#2 175x76 Award #3 125x54

I have just started giving this new award. I often surf the net and see so many well created sites. So many of them deserve recognition. I am very busy, and so it often does take time for me to review the nominated sites. But I do try as hard as possible to review all the sites that are nominated. I do not write reviews or critiques of the nominated sites, I make my judgment from what I see. At the end of each month I will post a winners list.

I have often been asked what gives me the right to judge other sites. The truth is, I am no better at Web designing than most of the applicants. But I do take the time and effort to look at the nominated sites. The award comes from me, and so I make the judgment. Also, I don't believe that because I am offering an award to a Web site, that It must be a better design then my site. Likewise, sites that may be better designed than my own are not guaranteed an award. I do not have to be capable of winning my award to be entitled to give it to others.

If you disagree with my policies for determining "Aliens111 Award" sites, I apologize. But I will maintain these standards, as they are necessary to me, to make up a site that deserves this award. No one is obligated to apply, so if you do not appreciate this award, by all means, you can leave.

If you would like to apply, then fill out the form below.   Good Luck!

Below is the form that you must fill out in order to nominate a Web site for the "Gold" Site Award. Please do not submit the application more than once. If you do submit the application for a Web site multiple times, I will reject all of the nominations. I will review every Web site that is nominated, but due to time constraints, I will not notify those that do not win. I do not have the time to offer my critique to any sites as well. If you wish to nominate a site that you do not own, please contact the owner of that site for consent of nomination first. To those that do not win, do not be discouraged. Very few of those that apply have sites that meet the standards to win the award. The Award Winners site is now open. Hope to see your site there!

Good luck to all of you!

Nomination Form
Your full name please:

Your email address: (e.g.:

Your Website Name:

Your Website address,(URL):

If selected which award would you prefer?

Website content description.


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