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You will need RealOne Player® to download these files.       It can be downloaded here.
The Flash Movies require a Flash 6 player.® It can be downloaded here!
If you have problems with any of the files playing, please let me know.

Christmas Eve, 2002 UFO SIGHTING
Great Smoky Mountains Tennessee

As my wife and step children journeyed from Florida North, they started to see strange lights as they were leaving the state. They started filming with their cam corder and got some great shots of the ufo's.
While driving in Tennessee, the ufo's seemed to be following the car and surrounding it as they drove. They described strange red lights that were emanating from the ships to the ground and one ufo landing off the their northwest.
They described the ufo's as having the ability to change shapes and colors.
I have taken into account that in some camera's the focus tends to create shapes because of the inability to capture objects in the distance, however this usually causes the camera to capture one shape to match the cameras aperture.
The kids, 20 and 21, were total skeptics even though their step dad is a ufologist. Well, their believers now. So much so they decided to go on a ufo hunt themselves the day after Christmas. They again encountered a ufo and spent the entire evening taping it.
There is a blue aura around the ufo as it changes to several shapes. The aura changes and it becomes a almost translucent egg shape.
I at first thought the camera was trying to focus causing this phenomenon, however the kids explained to me that the ufo was actually changed shapes and was pulsing in and out. In studying the tape, I've found several strange frames that I can't explain. The "Egg Shape" transition seems to have a energy source that transforms itself into the image of an alien. At one point you can clearly see the head and large black eyes.
I have taken snapshots of these frames for you to view below.
These photo's and tape were NOT enhanced sharpened or altered in any way!
Thank you Webmaster.

Click on images below for blow up of frame.

Click Here to enlarge  Click Here to enlarge  Click Here to enlarge  Click Here to enlarge Click Here to enlarge

Perhaps the most interesting frame of all is the alien face cell. Remember none of these frames are touched up or altered. I can't explain this at all.
How can so many transitions appear in one video? Interesting! The videos can be viewed again below.
I offer the video's in Streaming format and Flash format however I recommend you view them in Flash Format for quicker download and smoother viewing.

Triangular UFO!
This just in! Well as it seems my wife told me that she and the boys had seen some triangular UFO'S on the first leg of the trip through the state of Georgia. I asked her if they had gotten any of the craft on tape but unfortunately by the time the kids unpacked the digital cam from the trunk the UFO was gone. She didn't think that anything was recorded on the still camera as the UFO was on the move but after inspection I noticed something in the corner of the photo just before out of frame.
The photo was taken with a inexpensive Polaroid digital camera in the night sky so please take that into consideration.
View Triangular UFO If it's not a triangular UFO than please tell me what you see.
Serves me right for not giving here the good camera for the trip! Grrr.

 Short Clip   Shows the transition cells of the above. Streaming video (RealOne Player © format.)
 Longer continued version of the above. Streaming video (RealOne Player © format.)

  The Clips below have been converted to FLASH FORMAT for VERY Quick Download!

This clip shows the saucer transition!   Aliens111 Play, Stop, Rewind controls added. 
Saucer transition longer clip, many shape changes, watch closely. 
UFO taped thru the trees!   Aliens111 Play, Stop, Rewind controls added. Clip added 06/03/03
More saucer transitions, long clip! 
Longer Clip of saucer transitions. 
Egg shape plasma transition starts. 
Egg transition. Higher resolution with stop and play controls. New format implemented soon! 
This clip shows the egg shape plasma transition. Many shapes and colors! 

More Clips will be converted to Flash 6 format and available soon! Please Return!

Due to bandwidth restrictions of our server we unfortunately cannot publish the entire video.
The full length video can be sent to you upon request via the below form.

Evidently, UFO sightings in this neck of the woods of Tennessee are not a surprise.

The boys spotted and took a picture of this sign on your left the morning after the video was taken.

This webmaster is looking forward to spending some time this year on a UFO hunt in this area.

Nice of the Tennessee folks to take an interest in UFO's and put a sign up for us!

Available Soon :
December 24th, 2002 UFO Video!

CD ROM - Contains full length version of the Christmas Eve 2002 UFO video with sound.
This version can be played on any computer.

DVD - Version can be played on any DVD player or so equipped computer.

VHS - This is a duplicate of the original tape shot by my step children.
It contains raw footage.

These full length video's will be available soon for shipment.
There will be no charge for the video in any format.
The only cost will be for shipping and handling.
If you would like to be notified when the video is available please click on the link below.

Notify me when the video's available : Notify Me! Click Here!

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