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Greetings Folks, my name is Bob Francese. The Aliens111 Web site was started in April of '97. I was compelled to create this page after the Encounter I had back in 1978. Since that encounter I have been studying more about the phenomena of UFO'S that has been becoming more evident to the civilization's of Earth since the dawn of time.

The first UFO Sighting that I had witnessed was back in '67. The second encounter I had with a UFO was in the fall of '73. The Aliens111 site has been visited by many people the world over, however I find it very interesting that the government visits my page often as well as the military.

I would like to thank everyone who has sent me encouraging messages about my site, this alone makes my hard work in maintaining this site more than worthwhile.

Finally, the main purpose of the Aliens111 web site is to encourage people like myself, who believe that Aliens do exist, to read the information provided because we demand to be told the truth.

Thank you all, Bob Francese - May, 2003

Close Encounter
My encounter took place in Sunrise, Florida, 1978 at 3:00AM. I was living in a new development and behind my home was cleared land for construction of new homes. I awoke from my sleep thirsty and decided to go the kitchen to get a glass of water. My bedroom was in the back of the house and I had to walk thru a hallway and dining area in order to get to the kitchen.

I opened the door and there it was... The distance from myself to the ET was about 12 feet. The ET was about 5 feet high. A large head with two insect like large black glass-like eyes. It was gray in color sort of wax-like in texture.. The fingers were longer than human fingers.. It was wearing a sort of black wet-look type jump suit. It wore a belt with something attached to it. I don't think it expected to be seen as I got the impression it was startled although no sound was made at all. It also seemed strange what it was doing. Its hands were raised and seemed to be inspecting a piece of crystal on my chandelier. I remember the experience clearly however when it occurred I couldn't move.

As it stared at me I received this message, "Don't be afraid, I am from your future, I will not harm you". With that, the ET touched something on its belt and sort of compressed top and bottom to center. The only sound that was made as it disappeared was a quiet whoosh... After about 3 minutes of just standing there I turned around and went back into my bedroom and slammed the door shut waking my wife. She asked what was wrong and I shook my head and went back to bed.

The next day I asked my neighbor if he seen anything strange lately and his face just froze up. He told me, "Well, I really don't know what to make of it but yes I did". I stopped him there and told him not to tell me but to draw what he had seen. He went into his house and showed me a large headed creature with large black eyes. I then pulled out a drawing I had made of what I saw and the two pictures matched. He also had the same feeling about the event that I had. You just don't forget those eyes........Go To Top

First UFO Sighting
The first UFO encounter I had was in New York. I was the summer of 1967. I was riding between the subway car's with my friend Anthony. It was about 3:30AM. We were just out having fun when we noticed something in the sky. It look like a big Forth of July sparkler! At first we it was a meteor because of the way it sparkled. As we continued to stare at the UFO, it got brighter and brighter! At one point it just about lit up about half the sky when suddenly, we noticed two smaller sparklers or something coming out of the bright object. These two objects hovered with the larger object for a moment and then the two smaller objects went off in one direction while the large object went off in the opposite direction. Go To Top

Second UFO Sighting
The second UFO sighting I had was in New Rochelle New York. It was the fall on 1973. The time was about 8:00PM when I heard a knock on my apartment door. It was my neighbor. He told me to come outside, NOW!  He said there was a UFO hovering over our apartment complex. I thought it was some kind of joke but there it was! This object was a silver disk with lights rotating around the rim. You know, the classic UFO!

As we both watched it, a crowd of neighbors gathered. We all stared in awe at the strange object. The object was without sound.. In about 40 minutes it suddenly took off with such speed it was hard to follow by eye. I eventually went out for the evening and returned home about 4:30AM. I looked up, there it was again! This time I went inside my apartment to get a telescope that I had to view the object. The detail was very sharp. It seemed to tilt back and forth a bit while hovering. At about 5:30AM it was still there! I went to bed and in the morning it was gone. I read about it that evening in the paper entitled, "What was That!".Go To Top

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