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If you would like to add your report, please go to our submissions page and add your encounter.

Encounter Submitted by - Anonymous       
Place : Imperial Valley California. hwy 86, 7 miles north of El Centro California.  
Time : 11:07pm  
Number of craft seen : One  
Sound : Actually there was a complete abscence of sound, ie car engine-road noise, nothing.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : The craft appeared to be shown as red or orange.  
Appearence : The craft appeared to be Disc Shaped.
Encounter Event :
At 11:07pm late november(possibly the 22nd) 1997 Imperial valley Ca. hwy 86 - 7 miles north of el centro(twin bridges) clear night possibly a new moon. north sky directly in front but not overhead.

Yes it moved. Fast, very fast, horizontal for a short distance then vertical in the blink of an eye. colors were, red, orange, then yellow, then red again distinct and bright.

Larger than most aircraft. county airport 5 miles south. Naval air station 8 miles southwest and a bombing range to the north and the west. There was a kind of time displacement that occurred, immediately after sighting. everything slowed down, way down, there was a heaviness in the air, the car was sluggish and a complete lack of sound. almost like a giant vacuum of some kind, for seconds maybe minutes or longer. not sure.

Submission added: 2003-09-23

Encounter Submitted by - Anonymous       
Place : United Kingdom, York, England  
Event Date : September 2002  
Time : 00:30 I experienced the event at Nightime.  
Sound : I didn't hear any sound during the event.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : There were lights on the object. The object emitted beams.  
Appearence : The shape of the UFO was not on your list
Encounter Event :
Whilst my girl friend was driving me home i was looking around and noticed clearly visible light beams coming from the sky. It was quite a cloudy night so I could not see the center of where the beams of light were coming from. All i could see was about 5 beams (like massive flood lights)

I know it sounds silly describing it as follows but its the only was in my mind I can.... imagine a set of spot lights that you have on your ceiling, each spotlight directed horizontally... but the light coming from them was extremely big.. the massive beams of light where also rotating like they were coming from one center object.

At first i thought it was a trick on the eye from the cars lights on the wind screen or something like that.. so I wound down the window and eliminated the glass from my line of sight.. they were still there and remained until we came of Wigginton road, I don't know how long they were there for as I never stayed to see the whole thing.

Submission added: 2003-09-23

Encounter Submitted by - Jeffrey Lynn Hall       
Place : Clackamas Oregon, United States  
Event Date : 1973  
Time : 12:00 Noon.  
Sound : I didn't hear any sound during the event.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : The craft appeared to be Silver in color.  
Appearence : The craft appeared to be Disc Shaped.
Encounter Event :
Me and my father were out watching plane's in the summer of 1973 with binoculars. I moved my binoculars closer towards the sun is when I noticed the craft. I can only best describe it as a pinball.

It stayed close to the sun, if looking at it with the naked eye you wouldn't see it. The binoculars blocked the brightness of the sun. It darted in and out away from the sun.
The craft moved very fast, and would move in straight lines. It would change course and at times stop instantly.

Me and my father watched it for about five to six minutes. The craft ziped away out of sight. I know for a fact it was nothing of this earth. No plane could do what this thing was doing at such great speed. I will never forget that day. The street that I lived on was Clackamas Street on 82nd avenue in Clackamas, Oregon. The sky was clear, the object was at 12 O'clock. The object darted back and forth to and away from the sun using the sun and camouflage. looking through the binoculars it resembled a pinball. the Airport is close to the area where I lived about five miles.

Submission added: 2003-10-22

Encounter Submitted by - Summer English       
Place : Oregon, Mt. Hood, by Clear Lake, United States  
Event Date : July 2003  
Time : 11pm-2am  
Sound : I didn't hear any sound during the event.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : The craft appeared to be shown as red or orange.  
Appearence : The Shape of the UFO appeared to be a ball of light.  
Number of craft seen : 1 - 3
Encounter Event :
I went camping for the month of July 2003 on Mt. Hood by Clear Lake. Every night I(Summer age 25) would lay in my tent and look up at the trees. Everyday was sunny and every night was nice with clear skies, Not one day/night was rainy or foggy.

Every night I would lay their in bed looking threw the top of the tent and see the trees light up. The trees were pitch black then light up, then go black again. It was not a glow it just looked as normal as someone shining a big flashlight threw the trees. In the beginning I kept thinking someone was driving down the road but I looked and no one, nothing was their. This continued to happen but I didn't think much of it until a friend of mine pointed it out to me. At first their I saw was one then I saw two that came closer to each other, but never connected. Maybe half hour later I saw a third one coming from the other direction(behind me).

It was around 10-11pm and sometimes we would see these lights as late as 2am. They look like a big star in the distance, I saw no shape just a big light that twinkled. The color was the color of the lights you would see on the planes in the sky at night without the blinking or any other color lights. These lights had Two big beams of lights that would swipe the side of the Mt. threw the trees.

At first I thought that they were just helicopters looking for someone or something. As I watched These lights They would stay in one spot for a minute or so and then slowly move down then up, as if they were bobbing. When they moved they looked like bugs bobbing threw the sky. They appeared as if they right above th e trees. They did not move fast or appear from nowhere and disappear.

They would be their all night. I could not stay up long enough to see them go away, or even out of sight. The 2nd to the last day I was their on 08/02/03 I lay in bed in my tent, my 5 year old son was with me but he was asleep and did not see. As I looked out the top I saw this huge beam of light, like a spotlight and/or as if it were a huge mag light beam with a spot in the middle. like if you were to twist the head of a mag light and their could be a spot in the middle with no light. I did not see any figure above me just the beam. Their was no sound. It was silent. This light look as if it were coming from right above the trees, slowly sweeping the trees in front of my tent. I was so scared I just laid in bed, petrified. I was to scared to get up and look, to scared to cock my shotgun, to scared to even go to sleep.I just lay their.

After the beam of light was gone a minute later it appeared that the beam of light was coming from (other side of my tent)the ground, shining threw the trees, from the ground over towards my tent. And that is the last thing I remember. I don't even remember falling asleep,(I know that I was to scared to fall asleep). I did not see anything that last night I was their, course I was not really looking for anything either. That night in the middle of the night it started raining. Come to think about it I don't know why I didn't just get up and look, or even look to see if and where it was coming from or if I could see a figure.

Submission added: 2003-10-24

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DISCLAIMER:  Aliens111 has not verified the validity of every UFO report published within; all reports are added to the database as they are received. The sighting reports posted have many possible explanations, including stars, airplanes, planets, etc. We leave it up to the individual viewer to judge the report based upon the content of the report. As investigations occur that information will be notated on the individual report.     Thank You Webmaster

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