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If you would like to add your report, please go to our submissions page and add your encounter.

Encounter Submitted by - Joe Conwell - Email       
Place : Philadelphia, PA, USA, June 3, 2003.  
Time : 3:30 pm EST  
Number of craft seen : Five  
Sound : I didn't hear any sound during the event.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : The craft appeared to be like a Forth of July Sparkler.  
Appearence : The craft appeared to be Disc Shaped.
Encounter Event :
I saw the crafts hovering about 2,000 ft. above a football field. This was a well thought guess, since they were about as small as planes would look in the sky, and planes fly about 2,000 above the ground. The objects flew straight at a very high speed in a V shaped formation, until a fighter came and chased them, causing them to break up and zoom upwards out of the Earth's atmosphere.
There were other people in the area, but they seemed to be oblivious to the UFOs. I have had a previous experience involving being abducted. You can read about it in the sightings.

Submission added: 2003-06-26

Encounter Submitted by - Zachary Scott Lowe       
Place : United States, 1952  
Time : ?  
Sound : I didn't hear any sound during the event.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : The craft appeared to be like a Forth of July Sparkler.  
Appearence : The craft appeared to be Disc Shaped..
Encounter Event :
I have had many abduction experiences when I was very young around 4. It was not until I was in my mid 20's that UFO reports became popular and I saw a picture of an alien on TV my heart jumped up in my chest as I remembered that looked like the creatures that used to take me at night.
I don't remember a lot about what happened just bits and pieces. I remember saying to myself that when I got big I would find them and cut there heads off since there necks were so small. I also saw another creature that send fear into me that I can't describe to me looking back it looked like a giant wasp or some kind of insect face. Another time a woman that looked more human like kneeled down and talked to me she told me not to be afraid that they were only collecting data which they sent to there planet. She said it takes 20 years to get to there planet for data to be studied because they did not have the equipment here to do it with and 20 years for the information to return. I was young so the words data and time to receive it made no sense to me until later in life. I also have had many other experiences in my teens I used to have out of body experiences.

When I was younger I also had what they call night terrors or hallucinations . I also had nightmares almost every night until I learned how to control my dreams. I was having problems in my marriage and was thinking of and old girl friend for a while then she calls me and we have had no contact in about 40 years. Then a few years later another old girl friend pops into my head and again she calls me after 45 some years with no contact. One time while helping a friend drive to Texas late at night I passed the same hitchhiker 3 times on the road and the list of things goes on and on in my life. Almost daily something happened I can’t recount them all. I am not to sure that what I experienced was actual abduction experiences or visions put into my head by demons. I am confused and have not told many peop le about my experiences. I see a doctor now for depression I am afraid to tell him about these things as he will not believe me.

Submission added: 2003-06-26

Encounter Submitted by - Anonymous         
Place : Near Seymore Johnson A.F.B, North Carolina, May 1981  
Time : 12:30 A.M.  
Sound : At first no, then craft began to move and then sound.  
Number of craft seen : One  
Distinguishing Characteristics : There were lights on the object.  
Appearence : The craft appeared to be Disc Shaped..
Encounter Event :
May 1981, late night around 12:30, coming back from town and on rural road, no traffic at all. First spotted lights as I turned off main road onto secondary road. Raised on military bases and first thought it was just landing lights for incoming at nearby base, big plane, B52 or KC-135 or KC-10. Seen planes all of the time, and the landing pattern was almost directly over the apartment I lived in. Didn't really give it a thought at first. The secondary road was about 2 miles with trees and houses on both sides. I saw the lights when I first turned onto secondary road and as I traveled towards the "lights" down the road and began to think something was strange, they seemed to drift back and forth, but was about a mile ahead of me and thought, at night and my car's forward motion, it's an optical illusion, just seems like they lights are moving back and forth.

After about a mile and a half, the lights seemed to dance about in tand out of the treetops, now what I estimate was only a couple hundred yards away. At that point, was puzzled, if it was landing lights I was seeing, they would have already passed from in front of me to my left where the runway was about 2 miles away. Another half mile and I was to make a right turn onto another smaller secondary road. More of a veer to the right and as I make the turn, across the field and behind the treetops, were the lights I had been watching all this time. It was then I thought, either this is a helicopter, an optical illusion which just makes the plane seem like it was not moving while my car was or I thought this plane is NOT going to make the runway. He is at treetop level NOW, there's no way he's going to make the runway!

Never thought it was anything other than plane. Made my turn and went about 1/4 mile and the lights seemed to be following me. I thought, IT HAS to be an optical illusion, stopped my car, made sure no one was behind me, pulled off the road carefully, as there was not much of a shoulder and it was very dark, no street lights. Stopped the car and leaned out of the driver window to see and listen and this HUGE craft was now on my side of the tree line across the field, clearly visible about 200 yards away and just sitting there not making a sound.

I watched it for 5-7 seconds and got really scared. After the few seconds I watched, it slowly began to move off and THEN began to make a sound of a large jet, which was what I expected to see and hear when I stopped the car. Anyway, I was extremely scared I had the feeling of dreaded outright fear to the bone, as if being watched, hunted and I was the prey.

And I felt that feeling from the top of my head all the way to the bottom of my feet, just absolute fear. I gunned the car, hit my apartment door where I lived (about 20 seconds away) and turned every light on, locked all the doors, loaded my gun. This all happened late on a Sunday night, so no neighbors were up, pretty much explains no traffic on the roads.

I estimate this craft was 200-300 feet side to side, multiple rows of lights for sure, and 40-60 feet in height.

Submission added: 2003-09-11

Encounter Submitted by - Michael Koden       
Place : Ponnampet, Coorg, South India, 1967  
Time : 1:00 P.M.  
Sound : I didn't hear any sound during the event.  
Number of craft seen : One  
Distinguishing Characteristics : There was an aura or haze around the object.  
Appearence : The craft appeared to be Disc Shaped..
Encounter Event :
Back in 1967, I saw a UFO in Coorg, south west of India. About 1PM, we got a lunch break. During this time I visited a small half-dried lake, where we saw a 3 ft in diameter very shine disk landed on the sand bed of that lake. Few school kids aged 10 to 12, first saw the shine disk.

When I reached the spot by my cycle, I was looking at the disk by sitting on my cycle. I wanted to pick up the disk thinking it was a huge diamond fell from the sky. I asked the kids who put the disks ?? Kids had told me that; some small people walked from that disk. But I was unable to see any small people.

By that time I thought that shine disk was placed by black magic people. So, I went to report to my father. When I couldn't find my father, I returned to the same place. By that time that shine disk moved from one side of the lake to other side of that lake. I rushed to the other side of the lake. By the time I reached to the place, that shine disk has been vanished.

Submission added: 2003-08-20

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DISCLAIMER:  Aliens111 has not verified the validity of every UFO report published within; all reports are added to the database as they are received. The sighting reports posted have many possible explanations, including stars, airplanes, planets, etc. We leave it up to the individual viewer to judge the report based upon the content of the report. As investigations occur that information will be notated on the individual report.     Thank You Webmaster

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