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Welcome to the Aliens111 Banner Submit. We love exchanging banners at Aliens111.
Our guideline's are as follows:

1) Your horizontal banner must conform to the following limits: 468X60 max size and have a file size of no more than 20K (give or take a few bytes).

2) The banner must link to a ufo orientated site that meets the standards of the Aliens111 webmaster.

3) If your site spawns pop-ads (*), or you intend to use them at any time in the future, please do not request a banner link from us.

4) Although it is not mandatory in banner placement on our page, a reciprocal banner link to us would be greatly appreciated.

If you like our page and would like to participate, Click Here for banner download. (file uses Winzip)

Your Name Please:

Your email address: (e.g.:

Your Website Name:

Your Website Address: (URL)

Your Banner Graphic Address: (URL)

(We need your banner URL to upload your banner to our web host, WE NEVER steal bandwith at the Aliens111 website!)

How did you find the Aliens111 web site?

Would you like a banner link, text link, or both?   Banner Link?   Text Link?   Both!

If you prefer to Email the graphic to us or upload a flash banner Click Here!.
(If you are uploading a flash banner, please send us the SWF file as well as the html on notepad and send it to us in
a file called banner file)

You will be notified via email when your banner is placed on the Aliens111 website.

If you are interested in our premium banner placement on all of our pages please Click Here.

Describe your Website!


(* We realize that free hosts use popup adds for promotion. This usually consists of (one) popup.
We will allow this, however, We will not allow popup adds containing sexually orentated material of ANY kind. We reserve the right to reject a banner link based on our sole discretion.)

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