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If you would like to add your report, please go to our submissions page and add your encounter.

Encounter Submitted by - Anonymous       
Place : In Oregon, USA, near Mt. Hood, June 1996.  
Time : 1:00 P.M.  
Sound : I didn't hear any sound during the event.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : There was an aura or haze around the object.  
Appearence : Glowing silver disc.
Encounter Event :
John (not real name) he was afraid to say anything about this.
Anyway this is true, but no names please.
John and his wife had for years taken their camper and camped for two weeks,each year up in this camping area up by Mount Hood in Oregon. He had a special place that he liked to fish there. To get to the camping place where always had parked, they had to go down a winding dirt road, with trees on each side of the read. This time after they had turned off the main highway,and been about only 1/2 hr. on the dirt road as they came around the bend on the road he had to come to a stop in the camper. Right in front of them on the road was a large object,that was glowing (sort of ). Not sure how to describe it, but appeared to be a glowing silver disc. Johns and his wife just sat in their camper for some time.
The disc did not move,so John said he was going to get a closer look,the disc was about 30ft.away. His wife was crying and pleading with John to stay in the camper,but John said they could not turn around,because of the drop off on the one side of the road with trees,and the trees on the other side. So John got out and started walking toward the disc. He got about 15ft. near it and it got brighter,and slowly rose up over the trees by the camper. It stayed for some time,just hovering in the same place. John got back into the camper,and he was shaking. He and his wife heard no sound, saw no lights or any life forms. Then the disc was just gone. He drove the camper down,where he could turn it around, and went home. He would never go camping again. Also soon after he started getting very ill, the doctor did not know what was wrong. John died three years later, from medical problems. His wife had become sick, but she got over it.
She would never go out of the city again.

Submission added: 2003-06-09

Encounter Submitted by - Anonymous       
Place : 9 miles E of Durant, Oklahoma March 24, 2003, June 15, 2002  
Time : 2:00 P.M.  
Sound : Sounded like an RF generator sound came from a radiator type object.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : There was an aura or haze around the object.  
Appearence : There were lights on the object.
Encounter Event :
The first encounter occured on June 15, 2002 at about 2:00pm CST with clear calm weather, low humidity, about 92 degrees. The object landed in the pasture about 300' from the house. The object was about 400 feet long, the fusulage was about 120 feet wide with a 200' wingspan. The top was painted white. I could see welding beads that had been sanded and polished where the aluminum panels joined. The wings were stubby and D shaped and appeared to be efficient for hypersonic or high supersonic flight. The leading edges appeared to be made of ceramic(SiN2). The top and sides and trailing edges were aluminum and what looked like carbon fiber covered with epoxy. The bottom was covered with stainless steel. There were 2 exhaust ports on the rear about 12 feet in diameter but no intakes. The bottom of the craft was shaped similiar to the XB-70 with the adjustable wing tips. I scratched the hull of the craft just in front of what appeared to be an ID number (12 charac ters, 1,4,12 were the same characters) with a large screwdriver. There also was damage to the leading edges and bottom from micrometorite impacts/pits in the windows of the flight deck. Before taking off the flaps on the trailing edges of the wings were cycled several times, the rudder was moved back and fourth 6 times, the spoilers were raised and lowered, and the leading edge slats were also cycled. What sounded like an RF generator was turned on and off, what looked like manuvering thrusters were cycled, and something that sounded like reaction wheels were spun up and allowed to spin down. They apperred to be going though a check list. When the object took off it lifted off vertically for about 200 to 300 feet. It then accelerated to about 250 knots in level flight before climbing at about 25 degrees. At about what appeared to be 45,000 feet it accellerated again to at least Mach 2 and the climb steepened to about 70 degrees. Then the object appeared to suddently accellerate to a large fraction of the speed of light(the color changed to a red for a fraction of a second before disapperaring).
It probably traveled at revelistic speeds.

I know the second encounter on March 24, 2003 4:00 pm CST partly cloudy, 80 degrees was the same craft because they had not fixed the scratch I made on the hull and the ID characters were the same. They had replaced some of the ceramic becuase they were not as burned looking and the windows had also been replaced. The leading edge of the vertical stablizer had also been replaced. The new edge looked like carbon refactory tiles. The old one was stainless steel. The top of the craft had also been repainted. During the second encounter the craft also landed in the same spot.

During the second encounter when the craft took off it hit a large sycamore tree breaking a 1' section off of the left wing tip. The craft traveled about 500' then landed again. It sat there for about half an hour then took off sucessfully in the same way it did the first time. I guess they operate it by the book like we operate jets and ships. They did not appear to fly it by the seat of their pants.

I wanted to be able to talk to them and get them to show me how to fly the craft, how it worked, what kind of matience it took, etc. A large part of the frame is probably composites to save weight. Aluminum was used in places that would not get hot.
Each time there were 2 occupants that I could see through the windscreen even though it was tinted very dark. On the second encounter they appeared to be the same individuals as the first time because their height was the same, about 5'10" or 5'11" for the first one and around 6'4" for the second. They appeared almost identical to humans.

Submission added: 2003-05-17

Encounter Submitted by - Han Long Chen       
Place : Philadelphia PA, USA  
Time : 9:00 P.M.  
Sound : Strange humming noise.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : None.  
Appearence : The craft appeared to be like a white ball of light.
The Shape of the UFO appeared to be a ball of light.
Encounter Event :
I was sitting outside my house, talking on the phone with my friend, Andrew, when I noticed an extremely bright light in the sky coming down close to me. When it got within about 300 feet of me, my phone went dead. I ran up to my door and started pounding on it. No one answered. I started screaming for help, but no one seemed to hear me. Out of the light, five little grayish beings came towards me. I tried to run, but I felt paralyzed. I looked at them. Then, I heard a voice in my head. It sounded raspy, and with an accent I couldn't place. The voice said "Do not fear us. We come from a planet far away." Then, they took me into their space craft. They layed me on a table, and put this weird thing on my head. A bigger one of whatever they were came in and made weird trilling sounds to the smaller ones. It sounded like the noise the aliens in the movie "Signs" made when they talked. One of the little creatures turned on a machine, and I felt a electric shock course through my body. I screamed all these obscenities at them. Finally, I screamed "Jesus Christ, save me!". The experience then just ended somehow. I went into my house, and 2 hours had passed. It was creepy.

Submission added: 2003-03-24

Encounter Submitted by - Joe Conwell       
Place : Philadelphia PA, USA  
Time : 2:00 A.M.  
Sound : Strange humming noise.  
Distinguishing Characteristics : There was an aura or haze around the object.  
Appearence : The craft appeared to be Disc Shaped.
The craft appeared to be Silver in color.   There were lights on the object.
Encounter Event :
On January 25, 2003, I was at my house on 3430 Ryan avenue in Philadelphia PA, sleeping in my bed. A bright light woke me up. I looked at my watch, since I sleep with a watch on. The watch said 2 a.m. I looked at the light to see three short gray beings walking towards me. I tried to get up and run, but i felt paralyzed. they dragged me through the window and I floated up to their space craft. Next thing I remember, I was back in room, and it was 5:23 a.m. February 12, i went to the doctor, and he found a triangular scar on my back.

Submission added: 2003-03-05

Encounter Submitted by - Kevin Byng       
Place : Birmingham, UK  
Time : Dusk  
Sound : None!  
Distinguishing Characteristics : See encounter below.  
Appearence : The craft appeared to be like a white ball of light.
There were aircraft in the vicinity, or aircraft chasing the object
Encounter Event :
My wife starts work at 06.00am. She has a lift to work in her friend's car and she told me of these two incidents.
August 2002, about 05.40 am, as they arrived at work at City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham (UK) she noticed an object in the sky. She described it as "looking like a bowler hat with lights around the rim." Her workmate, also in the car, saw it too and suggested it was "probably a UFO." My wife's friend, who was driving, didn't see it.
11 September 2002, about 05.30 am. Motague Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, UK, my wife sat on a wall, smoking a cigarette, waiting for her friend to take her to work. Directly in front of her, in a southerly direction, she saw what she took to be a bright star, until she realized it was moving. At first, she thought it was an aircraft until it made some strange maneuvers. The object stopped and made a half circular path to the right, coming back to its original course. It then made a half circular path to the left and, again, resumed its original course. Her friend then arrived and my wife looked away for a second or too. When she looked again, the object had vanished.
17 November 2002, about 18.00 hrs. I drive for a food company and, as I was delivering to a service station at Stonnal on the A452, I noticed an orange ball of light over the hills, about 5 miles away to the southwest. It moved slowly along the hill line, then dipped down behind the hill. A couple of seconds later, it rose into the air and disappeared. I first took it to be a helicopter until the following evening, 18th, I saw it again at the same position, going through roughly the same motions.
On 22nd November I was at the same location, when I saw the object again. This time it performed a different maneuver. It moved low along the hill line and I could see what I believe was a very faint beam of light shining to the ground. Then it climbed vertical and another orange light appeared and followed the same path, but without the beam of light, and it dipped behind the hill.
The first object climbed to the cloudbase, stopped, and moved to the left, where it disappeared behind the clouds. The second object reappeared, about 200 feet ABOVE the hills and began to climb vertically until,it too, disappeared into the cloud layer. Even though I deliver to the same service station every day, I haven't seen the objects since.
On all three occasions, it was dark and raining. I thought they may have been helicopters, but I haven't seen choppers carrying orange lights before. There is also a military 'base' nearby, at Sutton, that, according to Nik Redfern's research (author of 'Cosmic Crashes'), was involved (indirectly) in the recovery of a downed UFO, on Cannock Chase, in 1964.

Submission added: 2003-01-23

Encounter Submitted by - Kevin Byng       
Place : Birmingham, UK  
Time : Dusk  
Sound : None!  
Distinguishing Characteristics : There was an aura or haze around the object.  
Encounter Event :
14th November 2002. About 7.30pm.
As I was talking to a friend on my doorstep, I saw a helicopter over the city skyline. I knew it was a helicopter because I could see its nav lights and hear its engine. A few minutes later, a passenger aircraft came towards us as it left the airport about 15 miles away. However, the thing that caught my eye was a glowing white ball, low over the city skyline, hovering about halfway between the positions of the other two aircraft. I sent my son to get my binoculars (only a small set) and took a closer look at the object. What I saw was a round white ball, quite bright, with a green, red and blue flashing light inside the white light. The light pattern remained the same, regardless as to the direction the object moved. We all watched the object (myself, my wife, my friend and both my sons) for about five minutes or so before the object disappeared behind some trees, where it vanished completely.

Submission added: 2003-01-23

Encounter Submitted by - Kevin Byng       
Place : Cleobry Mortimer, Shropshire, UK. August 1963  
Time : Nightime  
Sound : None!  
Distinguishing Characteristics : There was an aura or haze around the object.  
Encounter Event :
I was 13 at the time. We had a caravan at a site in Cleobury Mortimer and we were spending two weeks there during August 1963. One night something woke me up and, through the curtain, I could see a green glow. I looked out of the window and saw a green object 'flying' over the tree line to the north. I can only describe it as looking like a ball with a crown at the right side, the centre 'spike' of which was longer than the other four. I watched it for about 5 seconds, before it disappeared behind the hills to the west. The only person I told was my younger brother. I have seen the same shape recently, carved into a stone, shown on a TV program.

Submission added: 2003-01-22

Encounter Submitted by - Kevin Byng       
Place : Weston Super Mare, UK. Summer 1984  
Time : Daytime  
Sound : None!  
Distinguishing Characteristics : There was an aura or haze around the object.  
View Photograph :       
Encounter Event :
My wife and I were on a day trip to Weston Super Mare. I can't remember the exact date, but it was during the summer of 1984 and we were walking along a pier towards the sea. In the background was a small island, I would estimate to be about two miles off shore. I then noticed a dark object moving from the left (south). At first I took it to be an aircraft but it seemed too low. I took a photograph of the object but still can't figure out what it is (was). It was dark in color and, I suppose, you could describe it as 'disc shaped', it was hard to tell, and it moved in a northerly direction, out of sight. We only saw it for about 2 seconds. I still have the photograph but have lost the negative.

Submission added: 2003-01-22

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