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hymnals in Navajo
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Revival at Ł Bidg
(2 miles north of Chinle)

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Revival at Tdzis' Nstł'ah
(Upper Wheatfields)


Y't'h, welcome to The Navajo Hymnals Page. Here are a couple of lyrics in both Navajo & English language. Some of them are among my favorite gospel hymnals.

Song Title
Amazing Grace
    (Jooba' T' Nizhn)

English Navajo
As The Deer (Panteth for the Water)
    (Bi̜i̜h Nahalingo)

English Navajo  
Because He Lives (I Can Face Tomorrow)
    (Hin Ba̜a̜)

English Navajo  
City of Gold
    (ola Kin Bee daalyaa)

English Navajo  
Come, Thou Fount (Of Every Blessing)
    (T Hl̜i̜ji̜' Ahohkh)

English Navajo  
Doold ShiDiyin Da
    (How Awesome is My God!)

English Navajo
Farther Along
    (Tah Nsdi Bhodoozi̜i̜ł)

English Navajo  
Fill My Way (Every Day With Love)
    (Ayni Shii Nlh)

English Navajo  
Flow Through Me (Holy Spirit)
    (Shii Nl̜, Nłchi Diyinii)

English Navajo  
For There Is No Other Fountain
    (T Bee Iin Doo Nhdl̜o̜ Da)

English Navajo  
Hl Ayo Diyin (Doold Jesus Diyin Da)
    (Because He Is Very Holy)

English Navajo
Haven of Rest
    (Hy̜̜h Bił Haz̜)

English Navajo
He Abides
    (T łahji̜ Shił Hl̜)

English Navajo  
He Broke the Chains
    (Jesus Shidchid)

English Navajo
He Will Hold Me Fast
    (Jesus T Shta̜)

English Navajo  
Hide Me, Rock of Ages
    (Ts Ałkid̜̜ Nlinii, Nshidłi̜i̜h)

English Navajo
I Saw The Light
    (Adndn Yiiłts̜)

English Navajo  
I'm Bound For That City
    (Kin Haalg Dy)

English Navajo
King Jesus
    (Jesus, Alahgo Naatanii)

English Navajo
Lord, I Want To Be A Christian
    (Bhlihii, Sh Ooshdl̜a̜ Doo Nisin)

English Navajo  
My Testimony

English Navajo
Satisfied (All My Life Long I Had Panted)
    (Jesus T Bee Hwiih dl̜)

English Navajo
Softly & Tenderly
    (Hazhgo Ajoobago)

English Navajo  
The Great Physician's Hand
    (Aytii Nłdziih)

English Navajo  
The Old Country Church
    (Sodizin B Hooghan Si̜a̜gi)

English Navajo  
(Jesus Christ) Our Savior

English Navajo  
The Scarlet Purple Robe
    ( Łichiii)

English Navajo
The Uncloudy Day (Unclouded Day)
    (Łaaj̜ L Kos din Dooleeł)

English Navajo
This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me
    (Ya̜a̜sh Digi Shił honoolnin)

English Navajo  
What A Day (That Will Be)
    (Doold J̜ Hzh̜o̜ Da Doo)

English Navajo
Where Could I Go?
    (Hgsh Ndeeshdł?)

English Navajo
Wonderful Peace
    (Hashtehodt Nizhnii)

English Navajo

Some of the lyrics listed above have an embedded video on the webpage so you can hear the song sung in Navajo. These are indicated by the orange music note icon posted next to the English/Navajo lyrics link above.

The videos provided feature the artists Pastor Elizabeth Bryant & Virginia Greymountain with supporting vocals from Virginia Greymountain, the late Pastor Millie Jean Begay, AZ, Evangelist Eugene Cody, Larry Kaibetony, Pastor Daniel Smiley, & the Thomas Arviso Band.

Daybreak Warrior's Bible verse:
"Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you,
      with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another
            with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,
      singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God."

Colossians 3:16