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   Ké Ntsaaí
                  "women's moccasins"

  Navajo Phases of the Moon

Early Childhood Special Education Technology
This is a site offers a small Navajo online dictionary that has sound bytes for some Navajo words related to childhood education, such as academic difficulty or school psychologist. It even provides terminology for words difficult to translate into Navajo, such as AIDS or parental rights. It is worth checking out!

Here's a cool cartoon of frybread man that was sent on the e-mail circuit! Click here to see it enlarged!

Interested in learning how to say the Serenity Prayer in Navajo? Click here!


Yá'át'ééh, welcome to The Navajo Page. This page has various odds & ends pertaining to Navajos that cannot be found on other websites.

  • Ti̜’ Diné Bizaad Bee Yádeilti’ Dooleeł! Let’s Go Speak Navajo!
    This link takes you to an online archive of the series, "Ti̜’ Diné Bizaad bee yádeilti’ dooleeł! Let’s go speak Navajo! This series was printed in the Navajo Times & provided Navajo language learning material produced by Marilyn Dempsey. Included are traditional stories & cultural facts related to the Navajo people. This online archive is slowly being updated.

  • Holiday MySpace Comments (in Navajo)
    This page has copy & paste greeting card codes, with the phrasing translated into the Navajo language. Phrases such as "Happy Thanksgiving," "Merry Christmas," etc., are provided. Codes provided work for comment bars of MySpace account users. These codes will work for Xanga, Hi5, Piczo, & Friendster as well.

  • Rez Up Ur MySpace Comments (in Navajo)
    This page provides HTML codes to copy & paste common Navajo phrases into the comment bars of MySpace account users, such as "holla back","just checking out ur profile," "just showin' some luv," "have a great weekend", etc. A few of these codes have sound bytes to hear how the phrases are pronounced. These codes will work for Xanga, Hi5, Piczo, & Friendster as well.

  • Navajo Gospel Hymnals
    Here are a couple of my favorite Navajo Gospel Hymnals. Though many are available in those cool blue or red song-books, some of these cannot be found on either but can be heard at any Tent Revival anywhere on the reservation.

    Note, this was recently updated to include the lyrics for As the Deer, City of Gold, & others.

  • Contemporary Navajo Worship Songs
    This is a collection of contemporary Christian worship songs that were translated by my parents, Pastor Everett & Mary C. Teller. These songs are not printed in any songbook. These songs are sung by Chris Tomlin or Hillsong Music Australia.

    Note, this was recently updated to include the lyrics for As the Deer, City of Gold, & others.

  • Navajo Slang Terms
    The Navajo language is a very versatile language. On this page I've included some common slang terms from the Lukachukai/Chinle area. These words vary from cellphone to being high to describing someone being cool.

  • Patriotic Songs/Pledges (in Navajo)
    Since I'm such a patriotic American, I've placed a copy of the Pledge of Allegiance on this site. Also, a copy of the lyrics to our National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, written in Navajo is included on this page.

  • Learn A Southwestern Native Language
    On this page, I've collected a few phrases in different Native American dialects all across the Southwest, including Hopi, Keres, Towa, & of course Navajo. Later I'll add sound-bytes to hear correct pronounciations. For now, at least take a look & see how different a few phrases are, though these tribes all live within a close proximity of each other.

  • Navajo Constellations
    This page has details on the star constellations according to Navajos. Provided are the Navajo names, pictures, & the significance of each star constellation.

  • Phases of the Moon
    This page provides a chart on the "Phases of the Moon," since elder Navajos originally used this to measure the days, months, & seasons.

  • Coyote & the Setting of the Stars
    This is the Navajo story of how the Sun, the Moon, & the stars were set. It ties in the information contained in the "Phases of the Moon" & the "Navajo Constellations" web pages. Read how First Man & First Woman tried to set the stars in the sky, & how Coyote had ruined their plans.

  • Skinwalkers for Dummies!
    I added this page during the 2005 Halloween season. This page provides information on the topic of Skinwalkers. Specifically, it covers what most Navajos won't discuss... "What exactly is a skinwalker?" Click here if you want to learn more on this topic.

  • Countryboy79's Native Jokes Page
    This page contains a little archive of Native jokes from e-mails. It's a continual collection of a couple of the better ones. Enjoy

  • Navajo Language Links
    This page contains links that provide information on the Navajo Language located on other sites. These links include online dictonaries & other references.

  • String Games COMING SOON!!
    What are string games? This page provides the story of where string games originated from, and tutorials on the various string designs. Realplayer is needed! Click here for the most current version!

  • Native Links Page
    This site is a listing of a couple of pages that are awesome Native American related pages that I have found. These links are different from the links listed on the main page!
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