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Doold Shidiyin Da
      (Pastor Daniel Smiley)

Hodiyingo haz̜a̜gi
Hinna doo, shidooniid
Hl naa ahti̜go lyaa
Nłchi Diyinii shiki hoolego
Shił hzh̜o̜go hooghang dah diiy

H̜̜h haasti̜g:
Doold shidiyin da!
Aytii yee ksdzaaz
Tadoo baa nishł̜i̜nii
Eid shaa yiilh
Ayshnigo adishlta̜

Hadi sh̜̜ Diyin bits̜a̜di naash nt
Tsd yego adeeshchxo̜go nt
Jesus shidhd yzi̜go hshdz̜̜z
Shił hzh̜o̜go hooghang dah diiy

adi shiDiyin
Bighandi nnsdzago
Jesus shizdchiłgo
Sheaw sh nnndz l!
Shił hzh̜o̜go yah adeeshł

How Awesome is My God!
      (Suggested English Translation)

In the place of holiness
You will dwell there I was told
Because access was granted to you
His great Holy Spirit, it came over me
Full of joy, I returned & headed home

Oh how awesome is my God!
Wrapped in full greatness He is
What Im not worthy of
Freely given me
Im held close to Him by His strong love

So way far away I ended up from my Lord
I really made a mess of my life
Jesus stood before me, and He pulled me out
Full of joy, I returned & headed home

There when I return
To the home of my Savior
Jesus will give me a hug
My child has returned home to me,
      He will say
Full of joy, I will enter in

Here is a video of the song sung by the author of the song, Pastor Daniel Smiley. enjoy:

Note: This song is only sung in the Navajo language. I translated the above into English, with an attempt to make the syllable count match up but I'm sure someone else can come up with better synonyms to make the song read better.

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