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the art page
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Navajo baby & goat

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Y't'h, welcome to The Art Page.

This page has a small collection of painting's & murals that I've seen across the southwest that are interesting, maybe not immediately popular, or has gone unseen (in my opinion). I figured this is the best place to post it.

Navajo Warrior

This is the mural painted on the water tank in Inscription House, AZ. It depicts a Navajo warrior.

Traditional Navajo Childbirth

This picture hangs in the OB Ward of Chinle Comprehensive Healthcare Facility. It shows a picture of a traditional Navajo shash belt (sis łich') used during childbirth. It was the custom at the time to hang a Navajo sash belt from the beams of the roof of the hogan. The expecting mother held onto this belt, squatting down to deliver her unborn child. While women in the family assist in childbirth, the father to be is facing east with corn pollen (tddn), praying for a successful delivery.




Daybreak Warrior's bible verse:
Do you see someone skilled in their work?
      They will serve before kings;
      they will not serve before officials of low rank

Proverbs 22:29