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For There Is No Other Fountain
      (Betty Jean Robinson)

I will draw my strength from Jesus
As I lay upon His breast
I will take my comfort from Him
I will find in Him my rest

For there is no other fountain
Where I can be more satisfied
Than in the arms of Christ, my Savior
No blessing I will be denied

All pain will leave my aching body
As His sweet healing virtues flow
And demons tremble in His presence
In Jesus name, they have to go

T Bee Iin Doo Nhdl̜o̜ Da
      (Eugene Cody lyaa)

Jesus adziil sh nil̜
tiy bee hinishn
Jesus t bee hanshn
H;̜y̜̜h b sh nil̜

H̜̜h haasti̜g:
T bee iin doo nhdl̜o̜ da
Bee hwiih dl̜ dingo
Ndi Jesus bee yisdy
dj̜ bee shił nihoozho̜o̜h

Sheiina hadaałt nsdl̜̜
Jesus bee nshidoołdz̜̜
d ch̜i̜dii bitah hoditłid
Jesus Bzhi̜ bee dazhdiilwod

Alternate Chorus:
T bee iin doo nhdl̜o̜ da
Bee hiniina doo id din
Ndi Jesus bee yisdy
Hoolg iin shee hodooleeł

Note: The lyrics in English are copyright through Universal Music Publishing Group, Capitol Christian Music Group. They are used here without permission for educational purposes to help learn the Navajo-translated lyrics.

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