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native links page courtesy of countryboy79
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Navajo woman spinning wool
Here are a couple of Native Amercian links that are Native American-related. Enjoy:

  • Navajo Times Online
    Want to know what's going on currently on the Great Navajo Nation? Get caught up by visiting the Navajo Times webpage, the only newspaper maintained by Navajos themsevles.

  • Indian Pueblo Culture Center Website
    This site provides more information on the 19 Indian Pueblo tribes of New Mexico. It is helpful in that not only does it provide information on each tribe, a Calendar of Events is provided to list dances or feast days occurring at any of the Pueblo villages. Interestingly, proper etiquette when attending village activities is also provided.

  • 2.0 | a portal to the Navajo intranet
    This is an awesome site, especially if you're a Navajo (Diné) Indian. Maintained by Harrison Lapahie Jr., this site has information regarding Navajo mythology stories, information on the clan system, arts & crafts, Long Walk stories, and more. He's also maintaining an awesome online family tree, which motivated me to begin the one I've started here!

  • Pictures of Northern Arizona By Michael Meyers
    As I had stated before, Michael Meyers is the person who took those awesome moon pictures in the "Navajo Phases of the Moon" page. He lived in Lower Greasewood, near Ganado where he worked with the USPHS in 1976. This page shows a couple of "awesome" pictures that he took in that area, including Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and Canyon De Chelly pics!

  • Navajo Curriculum Materials
    This is an interesting site that sells different Navajo language tools. It provides DVDs on how to make string-games; coyote stories written in English & Navajo; posters on the 4 sacred mountains & traditional Navajo prayers; patriotic, christmas, & traditional songs; & more. I didn't know such a site existed. So, if you want to purchase more Navajo language tools, this site has it!

  • Early Childhood Special Education Technology
    This is a site offers a small Navajo online dictionary that has sound bytes for some Navajo words related to childhood education. The site provides words for difficult words to define in Navajo, such as AIDS or parental rights. It is worth checking out!

"And God said, Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from th night, and let them be signs and tokens [of God's provident care], and [to mark] seasons, days, and years.
And let them be lights upon the earth. And it was so.
And God made the two great lights - the greater light (the sun) to rule the day and the lesser light (the moon) to rule the night. He also made the stars."

Genesis 1:14 - 16