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What A Day (That Will Be)
      (Jim Hill)

There is coming a day
When no more heartaches shall come
No more clouds in the sky
No more tears to dim the eye
All is peace forevermore
On that happy, golden shore
What a day, glorious day, that will be

What a day that will be
When my Jesus I shall see
And I look upon His face
The One who saved me by His grace
When He takes me by the and
And leads me to the Promised Land
What a day, glorious day, that will be

Therell be no sorrow there
No more burdens to share
No more sickness, no pain
No more parting over there
And forever I will be
With the One who died for me
What a day, glorious day, that will be

Doold J̜ Hzh̜o̜ Da Doo
      (Navajo Translator Unknown)

Ya̜a̜shdi ynł din
Nasdi hodoonł
Chahałheeł din doo
Yichaii bił hzh̜o̜ da doo
Tałtsog hodiyin
Anaa tsd din
Doold j̜ hzh̜o̜ da doo

H̜̜h haasti̜g:
Doold hzh̜o̜ da doo
Jesus bił honishł̜o̜ doo
Jesus yisdshłtinii
Bijooba bee yisdnsdz
Kyah hodiying
Ak̜̜ shił ntash doo
Doold j̜ hzh̜o̜ da doo

Ba̜a̜h hnig din
Nihiyl ałd din
Daatsaah d adiniih
nda anin tsd din
Jesus sh daaztsng
Hoolg bił khsht̜i̜ doo
Doold j̜ hzh̜o̜ da doo

Here is a video of the words set to the version sung by the late Millie Jean Begay, with a translation of each Navajo word written below in English, enjoy:

Note: The lyrics in English are copyright through Ben Speer Music. They are used here without permission for educational purposes to help learn the Navajo-translated lyrics.

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