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The Great Physicians Hand
      (James A. Metcalf)

As he lay beside the pool
      There in Bethesda
He wondered how
      That he would make it in
Then Jesus came
      Unto him in the courtyard
And the words He spoke
      Made him whole again

It wasnt modern day medicine
      That healed him
Or the waters in Bethesdas pool
It wasnt educated doctors
      That made him whole again
It was just the touch
      Of the Great Physicians hand

As they stood beside his bedside
      They were crying
The doctor said he wouldnt make it
      Through the night
Then momma fell down on her knees
      And called on Jesus
She kne what He still healed
Now everythings alright

Aytii Nłdziih
      (Everett Teller lyaa)

Bethesdadi t siy-
      -ng Bighahgi
Hastiin li hai-
      -to ta̜a̜h deeshł nzin
ko adi
      Hastiin Jesus baa ny
Jesus bichi̜ haa-
      -dz̜i̜go yee ndz

H̜̜h haasti̜g:
Azee kad hlng doo yee
      Ndzi da
Bethesda Toohdi ałd dooda
Azee łn dahooł̜a̜-
      -ii ałd dooda
Aytii N-
      -łdziihii bideelchid

Hatsskeh bighahgi naaz̜i̜-
      -go daachxa
Azee łn doo nbiidooł-
      -kał da adiniid
d am ko Jesus
      yichi̜ adiniid
Ndzigo yoodl̜, t
      ałtsoji̜ yth

Here is a video of the words performed by The Principles to help learn the lyrics to the above song. Enjoy:

Note: The copyright information for the lyrics in English are through Hope Publishing Company. They are used here without permission for educational purposes to help learn the Navajo-translated lyrics.

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