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Daybreak Warrior's Homepage
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Ramen Noodles in Navajo: Hast Bee Yign
Translation: Makes the Man Skinny

(Click here for more Navajo slang)

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Y't'h (Hello)! Welcome to Daybreak Warrior's web page. This started in 2007 & gets updated very slowly.

In all honestly, I update my facebook page more often since it is easier to update that venue. I maintain this site since it still gets some internet traffic & I archive a lot of information stored prior to Facebook & MySpace on this site.

This site is always under development... always! I usually start something that I don't finish so don't be suprised to find broken links. Most likely I won't get to the string game stuff anytime soon, just so you know. I love photographs, so there's photos. I'm interested in music, there's that too. And there's info on who Daybreak Warrior is (formerly Countryboy79). Here are some things that I am working on here:

  • Navajo Language Links NEW!!! NEW!!!
    I updated the links on this site to link to Navajo/English glossaries recently. They include glossaries on cancer terminology & legal terms for interpreting court proceedings. Once I find a new resource, I'll try to update this more frequently to not lose excellent Navajo language resources online.

  • Talk in Navajo - Wherever U Are
    This site provides every day phrases in the Navajo language for different situations, such as phrases for the workplace, in the home, talking about working out, etc.

  • Rez Up Ur MySpace Comments (with the Navajo Language)
    This page provides HTML codes to copy & paste common Navajo phrases into the comment bars of MySpace account users, such as "holla back","just checking out ur profile," "just showin' some luv," "have a great weekend", etc. A few of these codes have sound bytes to hear how the phrases are pronounced. These codes will work for Xanga, Hi5, Piczo, & Friendster as well.

  • Patriotic Songs/Pledges (in Navajo)
    Since I'm such a patriotic American, I've placed a copy of the Pledge of Allegiance on this site. Also, a copy of the lyrics to our National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, written in Navajo is included on this page.

  • Navajo Legends & Names Surrounding Lukachukai Mountain
    Since I'm from Lukachukai and am very proud of my mountain, I wanted to add it to the "Scenic Landscapes" page I added. I'm finally satisfied with the information I collected, concerning these mountains in terms of original Navajo names & legends associated with certain areas. There's more to be added but at this point, it's worth checking out! I provided some excellent pics, especially for my cousins who now live very far away!

  • 2004 International Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Pics
    Probably one of the biggest events here in Albuquerque. Here's a couple of the pics I've posted of this years event. It was AWESOME!

  • Ray and Begay Family Tree
    Another summer project, was putting together an extensive family tree of everyone from both my maternal & paternal great-grandparents. Some of you whom I've already gotten a hold of already know this. It's still in progress and you can check out how far it's progressed. Take a look!

  • Quote for the moment:

    ' bik' t' hodinilgisoo ' ad' t' ahodilgis doo.

    If you're goofy on a horse, the horse will be goofy too.

    Old Navajo Proverb
    (For past quotes click here)

  • Awesome Movie Trailers for the moment:
    In first place, The Rundown, "...awesome, a complete adrenaline rush...," says countryboy79. And in second place, ... Shaolin Soccer! Quicktime needed!
countryboy79's bible verse:
"A feast is made for laughter, and wine makes life merry, but money is the answer for everything.

Ecclesiastes 10:19 (New International Version)