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Hide Me, Rock of Ages
      (Brantley C. George)

Oh, Thou blessed Rock of Ages
Trusting now dear Lord in Thee
Keep me till my journeys ended
'Til Thy blessed face I see

Hide me, Oh, blessed Rock of Ages
'Til Thy blessed face I see
When the storm around me rages
Rock of Ages, hide Thou me

Keep me when the storm clouds gather
'Til the sun comes shining thru
Keep me till my work is over
'Til I bid this world adieu

When my journey is completed
And theres no more work to do
Savior guide my weary spirit
Happy land beyond the blue

Ts Ałkid̜̜ Nlinii, Nshidłi̜i̜h
      (Sarah Peshlakai dinkehjgo yiilaa)

Christ, hoold̜̜ Ts Niłdzilii
Ni tiy nashłi doo
Shaa hly̜, ninłdi̜i̜dji̜
T sh ninii yiiłts̜a̜ji̜j

H̜̜h haasti̜g:
Nshidłi̜i̜h, Ts Nlinii
T sh ninii yiiłts̜a̜ji̜j
Y shinaag keea̜a̜ nlzhish
Christ Jesus nshidłi̜i̜h

Y shikiji̜ dadeesdogo
Shńta̜ chdindladji̜
Naanish ałtso n shłaaji̜
Shńta̜ dah ndiisdzaji̜

Kwii shigl bighah azl̜i̜ji̜
Naanish ałtso lyaaji̜
Shiisizinii b hwn̜
Kyah hzh̜̜g dooleeł

Here is a video of the words performed by Pastor Elizabeth Bryant & Virginia Greymountain to help learn the lyrics to the above song. Enjoy:

Note: The copyright information to the lyrics of this song in English are unknown. They are used here without permission for educational purposes to help learn the Navajo-translated lyrics.

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