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The Scarlet Purple Robe
      (Stanley Brothers)

Theres a story so unkind
In the Holy Book we find
It tells me how Jesus stood
      Alone one day
False accused & then condemned
Yet they found no fault with Him
The man who wore that scarlet
      Purple robe

Purple robe my Savior wore
Oh, the shame for me He bore
As he stood alone,
      Forsaken on that day
And they placed upon His head
Crown of thorns, blood stained red
His rainment was that scarlet
      Purple robe

In the common judgment hall
He was mocked & scorned by all
And a tear of sorrow fell
      Upon His cheeks
Solders of the wicked men
Smote Him with their evil hand
The man who wore that scarlet
      Purple robe

Words of truth & they were plain
From the lips of Pilate came
In this man I find
      No reason He should die
But the multitude then cried
Let Him now be crucified
The man who wore that scarlet
      Purple robe

      (Eugene Cody lyaa)

God bizaad biyid ła
Hane li dists̜̜
Jesus b nahoot
       baa hane
Tsd tadoo dziidzaii
yee akidahodii
Jesus bi łichigo
      B lyaa

H̜̜h haasti̜g:
łich li yiih deizt̜
Baa yhsingo sh ti̜i̜d
Łaj̜ din
      Bidhd nibideedlz
d hosh bichah lyaago
Bitsiitsiin dił ba̜a̜h nidaazl̜
Jesus bi łichigo
      B lyaa

nihwiiaahii bidhd din
Doo dahoniizi̜ da
Biniinaa hankeeshto̜
       t nl̜
Ba̜a̜hgi dajti̜i̜d
Bla yee ndabineestsin
Jesus bi łichigo
      B lyaa

Pailat din bidhd
D saad bee hadzoodz̜̜
Tadoo biniinaa-
      -nsh din dadootsaał
Nidi din daan
Bnidi bił ooołkaał
Jesus bi łichigo
      B lyaa

Here is a video of the words set to the version sung by the late Pastor Millie Jean Begay, with a translation of each Navajo word written below in English, enjoy:

Note: The copyright information for the English lyrics are unknown. The lyrics are used here without permission for educational purposes to help learn the Navajo-translated lyrics.

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