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Fill My Way (Every Day With Love)
      (Iris Dement)

Let me walk, blessed Lord
In the way Thou hast gone
Leading straight to the land above
Giving cheer everywhere
To the sad & the lone
Fill my way every day with love

Fill my way every day with love
As I walk with the heavenly dove
Let me go all the while
With a song & a smile
Fill my way every day with love

Keep me close to the side
Of my Savior & guide
Let me never in darkness roam
Keep my path free from wrath
And my soul satisfied
Fill my way every day with love

Soon this race will be oer
And Ill travel no more
But abide in my home above
Let me sing blessed King
All the way to that shore
Fill my way every day with love

Ayni Shii Nlh
      (Navajo Translator Unknown)

ShiTaa bił yishashgo
Honti̜g dooleeł
Kyah khzdon bichi̜
Ynł danlinii bił
Dahonish̜o̜ dooleeł
Ayni shii nlh

H̜̜h haasti̜g:
Ayni shii nlh
Nłchi Diyinii shił yash
Yishłg bnidii
Hashtaał d yishdloh doo
Ayni shii nlh

Nighahgi ShiTaa bi-
-ghahgi honshł̜o̜ dooleeł
Chahałheeł biyi̜ dooda
Shiisizinii bił hash-
-tehodte dooleeł
Ayni shii nlh

Nzaadg doo shił
Nyoołkał da dooleeł
Ya̜a̜shdi honishł̜o̜ dooleeł
Hashtaałgo tba̜a̜hgi
Jesus bił sz̜i̜ doo
Ayni shii nlh

Note: The copyright information to the lyrics of this song in English are unknown. They are used here without permission for educational purposes to help learn the Navajo-translated lyrics.

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