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ADHD Caused by TV?
Acts of the Apostles
Albigenses, The
Ambrose of Milan
Anabaptists, The
Anxiety, Philosophy of
Are 2x2s "Saved"?
Are You Satisfied?
Are You Saved?
Assumption of Mary


Babylon and the Mother of Harlots part 1, part 2, part 3
Beast, The Number of the
Bible Quoters, Beware
Bogomils, The
British Fable, A
Buildings, Fancy Church


Call No Man "Father"
Catholic Persecution in History
Catholics and Protestants part 1, part 2
Catholics in Viet Nam
Celibacy, On the Issue of
Christian, Are 2x2s?
Christmas, The Twelve Days of
Christmas Trees Have Pagan Origins, Do
Chad Moore's book Testimony of Truth - a review
Church, New Testament
Church Meetings, Home versus...
Church Buildings, Fancy
Claudius of Turin
Collection Plate Controversy
Confession of Sins to a Priest
Constantine's Sword: A Review
Copyright Cop-out, The
Crusades, The Battle Over
Crusades: The Real History of
Cult Victims, Ex-2x2


de Bruys, Peter
Divinity of Jesus


Emblems: An Analysis of "Symbolism"
Emperor's New Clothes, The
Endless Geneologies?
Ex-2x2 Cult Victims?


Fable, A British
Faith & Works
Faith Alone?
Fancy Church Buildings
"Father", Call No Man
First Meeting, Was the Last Supper the...?
Friends of God
From the Beginning: The Story of the So-Called Veterans of Truth - a review


Galatians Chapter 2: Petrine Infallibility on Doctrine?
The Gate Seldom Found
Gay Priests in the U.S.?
Geneologies, Endless
Glimpses in History of Simple Christian People - Professor Jaenan
Going Two By Two
Grace, What is..?


Hair & Skirts
Holocaust Dialogue with Nathan Barker
Holy Spirit is a Person Home, Meeting in the
Home versus Church Meetings
How Old Is Your Church?
Hymns, New and Used


Infant Baptism
Infant Baptism Dialogue With Josh Lang part 1, part 2, part 3
Inquisition: History & Myth
Introduction/Overview of the Friends & Workers Fellowship
Intermediate Ministry, Dialogue with Nathan Barker


Jaenan, Professor - Glimpses in History of Simple Christian People
Jesus, The Divinity of
Jews, Pope Pius XII and the
John Long's Journal at Telling the Truth Website



Last Supper the First Meeting, Was the


Mary, Ark of the New Covenant
Mary's Assumption into Heaven
Mary's Perpetual Virginity
Mary's Perpetual Virginity part 2 - heos hou
Mission Statement, Pillar of Truth Website
Meeting in the Home
Modesty: It's Such a Lonely Word
Mustard Seed Church


Name, What's in a
New Testament Church
Noble Illusion, The
Noble Peach, The
Number of the Beast, The


Origins of the 2x2s: Dialogue with "Big Brother" on the PMB


Paulicans, The
Persecution of Catholics in History
Persecution Paradox, The
Peter de Bruys
Peter the First Pope part 1 part 2, part 3
Peter's Primacy Among the Apostles in Scripture
Petrine Infallibility on Doctrine: The Galatians 2 Incident
Petty Grammar
Philosophy of Anxiety, The
Poisoning the Well
Plagiarism on Topics in Bible Website
Preachers, Worldly
Pope Pius XII and the Jews
Prophecy of Christ's Everlasting Kingdom
Protestantism in Action
Prue Phillip's website - a review
Purgatory, The Biblical Basis for



Rediscovered, Was the Truth Fellowship?
Reinerius, The Inquisitor
Rebaptism in The Gate Seldom Found
Romans Chapter 10 - A Biblical Exegesis


Saints, the Communion of
Satisfied, Are You?
Saved, Are 2x2s?
Saved, Are You?
"Secular Spirituality" According to Josh Lang
Septuagint, The


Two By Two, Going
Things of This World, The
Temples Made By Hands
Testimony of Clay Randall
Testimony of Truth - a review of Chad Moore's Book
Tradition Without Geneology
Tradition, Scripture, or Both?
Truth Fellowship Rediscovered?
Tyndale's Condemnation


Understanding "Religion"


Vaudois Christians
Victims, Ex-2x2 Cult...
Viet Nam, Catholics in


Waldenses, The
Waldenses Dialogue with Nathan Barker, part 2
Waldensians, In Their Own Words
What is "Apologetics"?
What's in a Name?
Web Design, Thoughts on...
Why Weren't They More Open?
Worldly Preachers
Women in Ministry
Wycliffe's Bible