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Disclaimer: These links are organized simply according to whether the website publishers are currently professing or not. Each link is unique in that both categories include site content of differing agendas as well as varying degrees of support and/or criticism of the Truth Fellowship. Therefore, the links' organization is not meant to be either an endorsement or condemnation of any of their material.
Sites Run by Ex-Members Sites Run by Current Members
Telling the Truth (TTT)

2x2 Thoughts & Comments Blog

Veterans of Truth (VOT)

Research & Information Services (RIS)

The Lying Truth (TLT)

In Defense of Truth


Elijah's Voice
Friends of Truth (FOT)

Topics in Bible

Testimony of Truth

Josh Lang's Website

Professing Teens

Workers, Friends, and Conventions


Thoughts & Comments on 2x2 Doctrines Blog

Professing Discussion Board

2x2 Church ListServ

Common Ground Discussion Board

Greg Lee's Chat Room

Worker, Friends, and Ex Board

Worker, Friend, and Ex Board

Truth Meetings Message Board