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Pillar of Truth Online, in collaboration with Rob Oxenbridge of Elijah's Voice website, examines:

   The story of the so-called
"Veterans of Truth"

**UPDATE 2/16/11: Bert has taken down his website "The Story of the So-Called Veterans of Truth" and created 2 new ones: The First Christian Church and The New Covenant. In a message to me at the Truth Meetings Board he wrote, "Clay, without going through your links... aren't these relating to my old VOT site? I pulled it down. Parts of it will reappear in my new Q&A site..." For now, I plan to leave these articles up until Bert gives me a clear and convincing repudiation of his statements.

  • Introduction - by Clay Randall

  • First Thoughts - by Rob Oxenbridge

  • The Christian Church - Their Education - by Rob O.

  • Tactics of the VOTs - by Clay R.

  • The Widening Credibility Gap - by Clay R.

  • The Christian Church: Home Worship - by Rob O.

  • Jesus Had no Formal Education - Really? - by Clay R.

  • The Way of Contradiction - by Clay R.

  • Let There Be No Christians! - by Clay R.

  • Why Weren't They More Open? - by Clay R.

  • Bible Quoters, Beware - by Clay R.

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