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1 Tim 3:15

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I love you, Lord my strength, Lord, my rock, my fortress,
my deliverer, My God, my rock of refuge, my shield, my saving horn, my stronghold. Praised be the Lord, I exclaim! I have been delivered from my enemies. - Psalm 18

I have two main reasons for creating this website. The first involves my interest in sharing my research into the claims of the origins of 2x2s "from the beginning", which began mostly out of academic curiosity.

The second reason is my desire to refute the plethora of misrepresentations made by Nathan Barker (and others) about Roman Catholic history and theology. It must be noted that I do not consider myself a "bitter" ex-2x2 (see my testimony); yet, having left the 2x2 church and becoming Catholic, I disagree strongly with many statements he has made, and so I seek to expose the insufferable mistruths that have been disseminated. As Frank Sheed once said:

"The assumption, now generally made, that every manís religious opinions are deserving of respect has already borne melancholy fruit...But are a manís religious opinions deserving of respect? The man is, certainly, but his religious opinions may or may not be. The result of a manís thinking on religion is no more necessarily deserving of respect than the result of his thinking in another field. To pretend a respect for it that one does not feel is to treat the man as a child, whose efforts must be taken very seriously lest it burst into tears. In other words, to treat a manís religion with more respect than it deserves is to treat the man with less respect than he deserves."

While much of the content will address Catholic issues, most of it is still relevant to 2x2 doctrines and claims of apostolic origins, and I still believe that my research can be useful for those interested in examining 2x2 claims of apostolic succession.