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Hello and welcome to my poem page.
I will be adding more poems as soon as I get them done.
So please check back often.

Friends Angels Someone Friends Candle Friendship Friend Of Mine
Internet Friends Someone 2 Best Friends Hug Special
Friends Always There Portrait Of A Friend Smile My Special Friend Special Friend
Prayers Answered Be My Friend What You Send Thanks My Friend Your Friendship
I Miss You Someone Loves You Treasure Your Friendship Pink Roses Kind Friend To Me
Happiness Friends Are Like Flowers Unicorn Daughter Is Priceless God's Taking Me
Whispers Blessed Are You Grampa I Thank God Thanks My Friend
Friendship River Our World I Prayed To God Your Friendship 2 You Are A Friend
Autumn Heart Of Gold Thanks For Your Friendship Friendship Across The Miles My Friend
God's Children From Janet I Said A Prayer Friends From The Heart Friend 2
My Friend 2 Pooh Hug Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

All these poems are copy written by Debbie Clements
Unless other wise stated
Music is from Dolphins Dream
Music playing is Catch An Angel

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