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Friendship Across The Miles

To friendship across the miles.
Even though we're miles apart we are still in someones heart.
To be apart of someones life even if through this machine.
Is the greatest pleasure anyone can ask for.

We'll always be the best of friends no matter what.
Because you hold a special place in my heart.
Forever and ever we'll remain friends.
And true friends at that.

Until the day that maybe we can meet.
And see the true friend that we have met here on line.
Our dreams will always be here in our hearts, and that is such a warm and blessed thing to have.
So we will always be friends across the miles.

I cherish our friendship and always will.
No miles can separate the friendship that we have together.
So you take care and have a nice day, and a great night also.
We'll talk later my friend across the miles.

Music is from Emmas
Song playing is Dreaming

Written by Debbie Clements
Revised January 15, 2006
Take care and thanks for stopping by.