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You are my bird of happiness, because you always here.
And I want to say thank-you so much for your friendship.
Because it's nice to know that you are always there.

You always put a smile upon my face.
When I see your name there in my email.
I love the internet, it is such a great place.

Your the best friend anyone could ever ask for.
Come and be my friend forever.
For there will always be an open door.

I'm sending this blue bird of happiness you're way.
It will bring you luck and much happiness.
So cherish the blue bird of happiness everyday.

So always remember deep here in my heart.
For you my friend are someone speical
You'll always be a beautiful friend, and we will never part.

Music is from Dolphins Dream
Song playing is Good Friends
written by Debbie Clements
August 28, 2003