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To a very special friend, God sent you to me.
We go through so many hard times, and disappointments, can't you see.
I think he is testing us, just to see how we will do.
But I know together we can pull each other through.

The road we have to take is long and never ending.
So we both will travel the road together, because our hearts have some mending.
With a friend like you that road is not such a long walk.
Because with each and every step we take, there is laughter and we talk.

So always remember we can get through the rough times together.
For we have each other to comfort us when we need them through this rough weather.
Remember I'm here for you always my friend, so loyal and true.
I'll make you laugh, and keep your spirits up when you are blue.

I thank GOD for the day that I met you my friend.
A bond between us will always be there, right through to the end.
Thank you very much for letting me be your friend.

Song playing is Gentle Breeze
From Dolphins Dream
Poem Copy written by Debbie Clements