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I want to say thank-you for all
the email that you send.
Everyday I know when I wake up
there'll be something there from you.
Without your email my day would
be empty and incomplete.

You take the time to look over
the internet, for just the right
things to send.
I read each and every page
of what you have sent.
It's so much fun to get email,
and to send it out also.

So please never let your
email ever stop, because it
would break my heart.
Just remember the smiles,
and the laughs that you give
to someone each and everyday.
This is also one way to talk to each
other even though we have never met.

So remember I look forward to your
email each and everyday.
It brings me such joy and happiness
to see your name there, with
something that you've sent.
Your a great friend, and I love
the email that you send.

I want to say thank-you very much
for all the lovely email that you send.