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My Friends 2

I'am so glad the day I meant you on line, we talked and talked and had a good time.
I look forward to each and everyday, that you'll be on line with something to say.

Though we may be miles apart, our friendship grows deeper straight from our heart.
Though our voices sounded different,we still are the same, the person you meant with that funny little name.

So welcome to my world of joy and laughter, I will always be here to dry the tears after.
I'am so glad that my world now includes you, we're friends now and forever so loyal, and true.

This rose is for you with love from my heart, I knew we would be friends right from the start. With love from your friend always.

Written by Debbie Clements
May 28, 2000
Revised August 23, 2006
Take care, your friend always

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