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True friends I have met online.
Friends I am so proud and honored to say are mine!
Debbie, you are surely one of those special friends to me.
Your kindness has showed me the meaning of poetry!
A friend need have no voice or even a face.
What is needed is sincerety and understanding in one's heart, just the right place.

Thank you, Debbie for being just such a friend.
A friend I shall cherish until life actully comes to an end.
You have invested so much time on your site for others to use and enjoy, from your wonderful angels to this very butterfly.
All the magical things this web can do is nothing short of an amazement to me!

You, Debbie, have all the talents needed, for you seem to have this web's master key!
You and a very few can accomplish the wonders you do, including the time you took to send me a very, very special thank you!
One that I shall never forget, for I alone know just what, and how very much, it meant.
It was such a wonderful surprise to me, and it shined an all new light to the "true" meaning to poetry.

Thank you Debbie Clements for all the kindness you've shown!
Many go thru a lifetime only wishing such a friend they had known.
I'm the kind of a friend that will always be here for you!
I hope you know I will always be here to help if ever you need, and I am actually able to!

Unlike you, very clearly, I am NO wizard when it comes to modern technology!
Because of you I have met some other valued friends.
I hope it continues, never coming to an end. Thank you for being you!

While in the making, real plans were in store for you, plans you are working hard to see carried through!
One thing you surely don't know, You have given me far more than that rainbow!
Instead you have made my inner soul glow!
There is a wonderful place over the rainbow, a place you have enabled me to go!
Honored to have such a wonderful friend, Janet Liles

This is to you my FRIEND JANET LILES
Janet that means the world to me what you said.
You also are a great friend to me.
I'm so glad that I got the chance to meet you here online, as well in person.
Friends may come and go, but a true friend is always there...
I love you my friend Janet...


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