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All God's children are precious in his sight.
They are what our yesteryears where so long ago.
They are so full of energy, and are oh so bright.
The innocents of their sweet little souls.

God knew the love we would have for each other.
Especially when they grew up, for they would believe in God.
That is why they love their Father and Mother.
And their siblings, for God is good.

God gave them such beautiful little wings.
So one day they would fly from their sercure nest.
God's children will go out into the big wide world, and do such wonderful things.
And we as their parents know that they will do their best.

So all God's children spread those wings and fly.
And never be afraid when God shows up someday.
Because that day will come when God says its time to say good-bye.
When God comes to get you and take you away.

©  Written by Debbie Clements
Revised © August 23,2006

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