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  • "A Friend Is Always There" ... A friend is always there for you with an open heart. You have been a very special friend right from the start. You are always here for me my ...
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A friend is always there for you with an open heart.
You have been a very special friend right from the start.
You are always here for me my friend no matter what time of day.
I always ask GOD to watch over you each night when I pray.

You are a special friend to me, I love you because you're you.
One special thing about you is that you are oh so true.
You are always here for me my friend.
I'll always love you until the very end.

A friend is always there for you.
Because they are a friend so true.
You open up your heart to me, and others.
We are all just like sisters and brothers.

A friend to me you'll always be, I hope this you will always see.
You hold a special place in my heart, and you're a special friend to me.
You're always so friendly and kind.
You're a true friend, and a treasure of a find.

Song playing is Good Friends
From Dolphins Dreams
Copy written by Debbie Clements