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You are a special friend of mine,
we sit and chat all of the time.
A day doesn't go by that I don't think of you,
your a great friend so true.

I want to tell you thanks so much,
for being a friend, I love a bunch.
I want you to know, so now you've been told,
"You My Friend Have A Heart Of Gold."

I never want a day to go by,
that I haven't emailed you to just say hi.
So always remember your a very good friend,
And I never want our friendship to end.

So always remember you'll be in my heart,
the best of friends right from the start.
So my friend I hope that you can see,
you will always have a friend in me...

Because you're so special,
your heart should surely know
You're always in the hopes and prayers
of those who love you so...

Music is from Dolphins Dream
Song playing is Listen To Your Heart

Written By: Debbie Clements
Revised January 15, 2006
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