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My Unicorn

On a summer's day the birds will sing,
in the background I hear the church bells ring.
The sky of blue and just a cloud or two,
the heat from the sun will make you warm to.

I lay on a blanket in a field of flowers,
it feels like I have mystical powers.
I see a unicorn right there in sight,
all in a glow of a beautiful light.

The horn is as tall as the top of their head,
just like the pictures, in the books that I've read.
They're the most beautiful animal that I've ever seen,
as they run through the flowers and the fields of green.

So when your looking way out yonder,
never be afraid to let your mind wonder.
You'll be able to see all kinds of things,
like pretty unicorns with their beautiful wings.

Written by Debbie Clements