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My Friends Are Like Angels

I met an angel, and yes it was you,
I love it when I have a friend that is true.
We talk, and we talk, and meet others to.
our circle gets bigger, oh look how it grew.

When ever I need a friend to talk to,
I turn this on and come looking for you.
It seems no matter what time of day,
there's always somebody who's not far away.

My friends need no halo, I love you this way,
you always have a way of brighten my day.
So thank-you my friends, I love all of you,
for you are my Angels and my friends so true.

My friends are my angels,
this comes from heart, and I love each of you.
So remember there's always an angel somewheres,
who is looking for a friend, and someone who cares.
So don't be afraid to open your heart, and let someone in there...


Copy written by Debbie Clements
Music from Dolphins Dream
Song playing is Longfellows