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I'm sending this hug to you,
it comes straight from my heart.
Our friendship is so great,
I knew this from the start.

The warmth of a hug,
makes you feel so good inside,
To know that someone loves you,
and will always be by your side.

So this hug that I am sending,
it comes staight from me to you.
This hug will lift your spirits,
and never make you feel blue.

So always remember,
to send a hug or two.
You'll make that persons day,
and they'll send it right back to you.

A hug makes you feel so special,
and loved by someone so true.
To know they took the time,
to send this hug to you.

Music is from Dolphins Dream
Song playing is Childs Dream
August 15,2002
Copy written and
Poem is sole property of Debbie Clements