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"Our World what has it become"

We need peace and love within our hearts.
This tragedy has made us stop and think.
That lives can be taken so hastily away.
Without even a warning, or a reason of why!!!

Our nation is at a stand still over what as happened here today..
Disbelief and sadness has left us all stray.
The countless people who perished today.
Will never know why they had to leave this world and die...

So we as Americans must stand up and fight..
For our freedom, and our rights..
It's a shame that there has to be violence and death.
What are we teaching our children today.

I'll pray for peace and tranquility.
That is all that we want, is to live in harmony together..
So God please hear us as we pray.
Look down upon us, and spread peace our way.

Debbie Clements

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