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I looked up toward heaven and I began to pray.
That God would hear me asking for a favor today.
For I know that he heard me, and he will watch over you.
I hope that you know that God and I both love you my friend so true.

He has a way of working in mysterious ways.
I hope that he will brighten up each, and all of your days.
He knows of all the good that you've done.
I want to hear that you have won.

I'll always be here by your side.
I want for all of your pain to subside.
There's a tranquility when we pray.
For that reason I know that God heard me praying for you today.

So always remember "I'm always here for you."
I never want you to feel blue.
So always remember I'll be praying to God for you.
You are my friend, a friend so true.

God will be listening, and will never question why.
To my prayers for you to get better as the days go by.
I know of all the tears that you will cry.
And I'll be here to wipe them dry.

So if we pray together, and put our faith in God.
He will hear us and help you my friend.

Written by: Debbie Clements

Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again real soon.
Take care and God Bless You and your Family.
Your friend Debbiecme