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Famous drummer

Alex Acuņa





Alex Acuna

Alex Acuna was born December,12 1944 in Pativilca Peru. His real name is Alejandro NeciosupAcua. 

He has played with artists such as - U2, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchel, Al Jarreau, Ella Fitzgerald, Roberta Black, Andre Crouch, The Winans, Tracy Chapmen, Sheryl Crow, Whitney Housten, Bruce Willis, Seal, Sergio Mendes, Yellow Jackets, The Becker Brothers, Chick Korea, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Carlos Santa, The Gypsey Kings, Julio Ingleasis, Herbie Hancock, Koinonia, Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel, Placido Domingo, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinual 

Alex's playing is characterized by inovation, energy and pure heart. Alex Acuna is one of the most sought after musicians of our time.

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