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Famous drummer



Virgil Donati

Here are the records that Virgil has appeared on.

Ring of FireThe Oracle (Marquee Inc)

Mark Boals

Ring of Fire (Marquee Inc)

Joel Hoekstra


Steve Walsh

Glassolalia (Magna Carta)

Planet X

Universe (InsideOut)

Planet X

Planet X (Magna Carta)

Virgil Donati

Just Add Water (Vorticity)

Stretch (Vorticity)

On The Virg

Serious Young Insects (Vorticity)

Southern Sons

Southern Sons (RCA)

Nothing But The Truth (RCA)

Jon Stevens

Are You Satisfied? (Sony)

Garsed, Helmerich

Under the Lash of Gravity

Montreal Drum Fest

Live at the Montreal Drum Fest


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