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Famous drummer


Roger Taylor

Born 26th 1949 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Roger Meddows Taylor was born on July 26th 1949 in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, to parents Michael and Winifred Taylor. Roger, his parents and younger sister Clare, moved to Truro, in Cornwall in 1957, and Roger started at the Truro Cathedral School, where he joined the choir. He also learnt to play the ukulele. He moved to Truro Public School in 1960, and learnt to play guitar. In 1961 he began to teach himself to play drums. He left school in 1967 with seven O levels and three A levels. He decided he wanted to be a dentist, and moved to London attend London Hospital Medical College. He got bored with dentistry and turned to studying Biology at North London Polytechnic, he finally left with a BSc in that subject. He joined Brian in Smile in 1968. Roger is 5ft 10 inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. He has four children, Felix Luther, Rory Eleanor, Rufus Tiger and Tiger Lilly.. His favourite actress is Maggie Smith, fave actor, John Hurt. He likes Bruce Springsteen and U2. His favourite drinks are Vodka and good, expensive white wine. He likes fast cars and drives an Aston Martin and a Mazda MX5, he also has a Go Kart track in his back garden.


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