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Famous drummer


Matt Sorum 

Matt Sorum was born November 19th, 1960 in Venice Beach, California. Before he joined GN'R he was the drummer in `The Cultī. When Steve Adler was fired from Guns in the summer 1990, Matt became the band's new drummer. The first consert he did with Guns N' Roses was in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil... and there was a crowd of 260.000 people. Duff said that: "Matt (Sorum) really did pull the band back together. He learned 38 tunes in a month, got them all down perfect."

In 1995 he joined Slash for the sideproject Slash's Snakepit, he also played some drums at Gilby Clarke's solorecord, "PawnShop Guitar", (at following songs; Black, Tijuana Jail, and PawnShop Guitars).

1996, Duff and Matt made their own sideproject, and together with Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) and John Taylor (Duran Duran), they started the punk-rock band Neurotic Outsiders.



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