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Famous drummer


John Otto

Drummer for Limp Bizkit

Worked With: Fred Durst,  DJ Lethal,  Wes Borland,  New Jazz Wizards,  Terry Date,  Scott Borland,  Sam Rivers,  Darren Venbitti,  Barney Chase,  Kevin Guarnieri , Dylan Vaughan,  Jesse Gorman,  Eve Butler,  Bill Ahearn,  Swizz Beatz,  Ted Reiger,  Little Creek,  Josh Abraham,  Jordan Schur.

John Apears on the following

Jim Beebe 
Sultry Serenade (1996)

Neil Champagne 
Visions of Giants (1994)

Ted Des Plantes 
Ohio River Blues (1994)

Carol Leigh 
You've Got to Give Me Some (1996)

Limp Bizkit 
Counterfeit/Nobody Loves Me (1997)

Limp Bizkit 
Three Dollar Bill Y'all [Clean] (1998)

Limp Bizkit 
Significant Other (1999)

Limp Bizkit 
Significant Other [Clean] (1999)

Limp Bizkit 
Chocolate Starfish 



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