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Famous drummer


Ed Shaughnessy

Born Jan 29, 1929 in Jersey City, NJ 

Full Name Edwin Thomas Shaughnessy

Worked With: Bernie Glow,  Phil Bodner,  Paul Faulise,  Tony Mottola , Phil Kraus , Phil Woods , Milt Hinton,  Conte Candoli , Barry Galbraith, Buddy Rich

Ed Shaugnessy Apears on the following


Trigger Alpert 
Trigger Happy! (1956)
Gene Ammons 
Gene Ammons Story: Gentle Jug (1961)
Gene Ammons 
Soulful Moods of Gene Ammons (1962)
Gene Ammons 
Gentle Jug
Count Basie 
Broadway Basie's Way (1967)
Tony Bennett 
Jazz (1954)
George Benson 
Verve Jazz Masters 21 (1968)
George Benson 
Other Side of Abbey Road (1969)
Irving Berlin 
Irving Berlin Always
Stephen Bishop 
Bish (1978)
Patti Bown 
Plays Big Piano (1960)

Jazz in the Pocket

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