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Famous drummer



Ronnie Verrell

Drummed For Animal Off the Muppett Show

Born ?

Died 11.30am, 22nd Feb 2002

Ronnie has enjoyed a varied career, touring with the famous Ted Heath Band and working with Jack Parnell's Orchestra on Sunday Night at the Palladium.

He even played drums for Animal in The Muppets Band.

Ronnie played in the band for the Frank Skinner Show! (UK) for many years.

In November 2001, Ronnie fell down the stairs at his home. He crushed a vertebrae in his neck and hoped to have an operation on February 7th 2002, however when he was given the anaesthetic he had difficulty breathing and the operation was abandoned. Ronnie died of a chest infection in hospital at 11.30am 22.02.02. The day before was his 77th birthday. 

Ronnie worked with

Ted Heath , Eddie Blair , Laurie Holloway , Sir Yehudi Menuhin , Bobby Pratt , Ken Kiddier , Johnny Hawksworth , Max Harris , Duncan Campbell , Lennie Bush , Ken Baldock , Don Lusher , John Fraser , Chris Karan , Bob Efford , Martin Taylor , Pierre Michelot , Wally Smith, Buddy Rich.




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