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Charlie Morgan

These days Charlie's best known as Elton John's longest-serving drummer Before landing that gig, he spent the decade between 1976 and 1985 establishing himself as one of Britain's leading session drummers, with numerous album credits for such '80s icons as Kate Bush, Nik Kershaw, ludie Tzuke, Tracey UlIman, Gary Moore and Wham!
Charlie was one of the first sticksmen to master the art of playing alongside drum machines with pinpoint accuracy, while at the same time creating a dynamic live feel. 
In 1985, Charlie duly came to the notice of Elton John, who found in him the stability to hold
down his famously wild stage shows. There followed six Elton albums and 14 years of concerts. But in 1998, Charlie went through a traumatic split with his Italian wife and was forced to quit mid-tour Soon after, he decided to make a complete break and he relocated to Orlando, Florida. Last year Charlie toured with Nashville country star Trisha Yearwood while gradually infiltrating the expanding Florida music scene and doing "internet drum tracks from his new home. Call that resourceful or what?
Recently Charlie was in Britain backing the amazing guitarist John Jorgenson - another Elton veteran. Dragging themselves the length of the country in a jam-packed hire van is a world away from touring with Elton, but, with Charlie doing all the driving, they approached every gig with the enthusiasm of a bunch of teenagers in their first group.



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