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Famous drummer



Nigel Olsson

Drummer for Elton John

Born Feb 10, 1949 in Merseyside, England

Worked With: Lee Sklar,  Dean Parks,  Steve Cropper,  Caleb Quaye,  Jim Horn,  B.J. Cole,  David Hentschel , James Newton-Howard,  Dave Wintour , Liza Strike,  Bruce Johnston , David Foster,  Jeff Porcaro,  Russ Kunkel , Venette Gloud,  Clive Franks,  Chuck Findley,Elton John.

John Apears on the following works

Long John Baldry 
Everything Stops for Tea (1972)
Barbi Benton 
Something New (1975)
Big Three 
Resurection (1973)
Brian Cadd 
White on White (1976)
Eric Carmen 
Boats Against the Current (1977)
Eric Carmen 
Change of Heart (1978)
Eric Carmen 
Definitive Collection (1997)
The Cate Brothers 
Cate Brothers (1975)
Swallow Tales (1971)
The Spencer Davis Group 
Funky (1968)
The Spencer Davis Group 
Golden Archive Series (1987)



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