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Famous drummer


Larry Mullen Jnr.

Drummer for U2

Born Oct 31, 1961 in Dublin, Ireland

Larry was born and raised in Artane, located the north side of Dublin, at 60 Rosemont Avenue. He had to add the "Junior" to the end of his name to distinguish himself from his father, Larry Mullen, Sr. As Larry's career blossomed, so did his tax bills and his father was the unlucky recipient of them. Larry's past gigs included playing drums for the Post-Office Workers Union Band and the Artane Boys' Band. He even played at the St. Patrick's Day Parade in O'Connell Street.

Larry began drumming in 1971, taking classes with Ireland's best-known drummer, Joe Bonnie. However, Larry has said that his drumming style is "unteachable" and that spirit and instinct are what guides his drumming style. His sister, Cecilia, bought him his first drum-kit in 1973 for 17. He placed a notice at the infamous Mount Temple Comprehensive School in the fall of 1976, looking to start a band and his life has not been the same since. Although everyone knows the band as U2, Larry claims that the band's name is really "The Larry Mullen Band." His award-winning career has been plagued with a battle with tendonitis, which has been helped by specially designed drumsticks.



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