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daniella ganeva female drummer

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Daniella Ganeva

Born and bred in Buigaria, Daniella Ganeva has spent much of her life travelling, first with her parents as a child, and nowadays as one of the world's foremost solo percussionists. A member of the Global Music Network, this year alone she Is already scheduled to perform In Latvia, France, the USA (at PASIC), Germany, Mexico, and,
- 17 July, In the UK at London's 5911th Sank for Rhythm Sticks 2000.
Renowned for her virtuosa performances on tuned percussion, Danlella's musical education has followed an extremely strict regime, involving frequent participation in competitions. These play an Integral part In Bulgaria's musical culture, and with her constant successes have proved to be an Important stepping-stone in the development of her ever growing global reputation.



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