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Famous drummer


Dave DiCenso

Growing up in the Boston area with a drumming father, Dave DiCenso has been living drums since he was a toddler.

Daveís professional career began at the age of 15. Since then he has acquired a long list of touring and recording credits including: Duran Duran, Steve Morse, Cro-Mags, Jon Finn Group, Shelter, Suze DeMarchi, Two Ton Shoe and many others. 

Dave is also an accomplished clinician and an Assistant Professor of Percussion at Bostonís prestigious Berklee College of Music.

Selected Performance Credits

Band Years
Bad Karma 1987-1990
Cro-Mags 1990 + 1996
Mystery Jones 1990-1995
Farrenheit 1991-1992
Ultra Blue 1991-1994
Jon Finn Group 1993-1998
Steve Morse 1994 + 1998
John Petrucci 1994 + 1995
Carl Verheyen 1995
Two Ton Shoe 1995-2001
Dave LaRue 1997
Aaron Katz 2001
Hiromi Uehara 2001

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